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2466 bünüt crocodile

2466 bünüt crocodile
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2466 bünüt crocodile 2466 bünüt crocodile 2466 bünüt crocodile 2466 bünüt crocodile


The Safan villages at the eastern end of Asmat, however, are noted for the large ritual carving of the spirit crocodile (aum or bünüt). The crocodile feast (aum pambi) has never been witnessed by foreigners. Spirit crocodiles are anthropomorphic representations of the spirits of the deceased, similar in importance to those on ancestor poles.
The Safan artists developed innovative representations of the ancestors, myths and scenes of real life later than the Bismam, Joerat and the Becembub. Nonetheless, today they produce the most striking and attractive modern art in Asmat.



artist: Erias Bot
material: soft wood
paint: red ochre, black soot, white lime
height / lenght: 479 cm
width: 32 cm
depth: 28 cm
collector: Konrad
region: Safan
village: Aorket


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